AITA MARI-Maydayterraneo

The Aita Mari was on a mission in the Central Mediterranean from January 26th to February 13th. At this time, we located two drifting boats: one made of rubber with 93 people; another, made of wood, with 65 people on it.

Under these conditions were travelling 90 men, 17 women (3 of them pregnant) and 51 minors (39 of them unaccompanied).

Finally, the rescued people were able to land in Messina, Italy. The Aita Mari is now in port waiting to start the third mission.

Besides, on those dates there was news of:
– January:
17 rescues in January: more than 1,000 people were saved.
– February:
15 rescues (2 made by Aita Mari): more than 900 people saved.


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