During the winter months, our team mates on the island of Chios have kept up the intense work at the Vial clinic, on the landings and in the other centrers where we collaborate.

Today, more than 40,000 migrants are trapped on the Aegean islands as their asylum claim is resolved. In this situation, in addition, they have to face the latest measures of the new Greek Government. Among them, withdraw the social security number with which they obtained assistance from the Administration.

In practical terms, this means that SMH has to pay for some of the treatments for chronic cases such as hypertensive, diabetic, etc.

We tend to repeat this concept, but the reality is stubborn: since 2015, every day that passes, migrants find themselves in a worse situation. We are not able to imagine what is to come.
For this reason, we are proud to share the data of new initiatives that are carried out around the SMH team. Thus, two dental hygiene missions have already been placed, allowing more than 373 interventions to be carried out. Without the presence of these professionals on the island, these patients could not have been treated.

Finally, in January 33 boats and 1,069 people arrived to Chios. 23% of them were women, 33% were minors and the remaining 44% were men. The major nationality remains Afghan, followed by Syria. Among the minors, there are 14% who are unaccompanied.

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