AITA MARI – Maydayterraneo

The Aita Mari is getting ready to set sail again in a few days. Meanwhile, in the Central Mediterranean there is no rescue ship.
Both the Ocean Viking and the Sea Watch 3 are quarantined off the Sicilian coast after having carried out rescues at sea. The shipwrecked men and women were lucky to disembark.

Even so, this unjustified measure prevents these two civil society vessels from monitoring human rights violations that occur at the sea.
Thus, we have heard of a hot return / push back off the coast of Libya about three days ago. A commercial ship returned dozens of people fleeing from a country at war.

This behavior is a violation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees. That is why the presence of rescue ships in those waters is so necessary.
Since the Aita Mari docked in Syracuse in the middle of the month, we have had news of the following rescues:

Date Place/Ship Nº Boats People
10/02/2020 Desembarco Autónomo Lampedusa 1 20
13/02/2020 Marina Malta 1 44
14/02/2020 Marina Malta 1 34
15/02/2020 Desembarco Autónomo Lampedusa 1 16
18/02/2020 Ocean Viking 1
19/02/2020 Ocean Viking
Sea Watch
24/02/2020 Sea Watch 2 54+19

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