In recent days we have witnessed how Turkey has decided to put all the means so that migrants can reach Europe.

The consequence is a rebound in arrivals to the Aegean islands, Chios included. And, a violent response by certain fascist groups in Lesvos.

For this reason, Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario wants to express its full support to the volunteers who suffered various attacks and threats in Lesvos on Sunday, March 1st. Among them, our colleagues from Zaporeak organisation.

Likewise, we condemn these displays of hatred towards those who are there to help others, regardless of their origin.

We do not know how far this situation will go but it is an obvious example of the blackmail that resulted from the agreement of March 20th 2016 with the Ottoman country. Those who suffer the most are, once again, the migrants.

In February, 15 boats arrived on the shores of Chios. It should be noted that there were two massive landings: on the 19th, with 123 people in 4 boats; and, on the 24th, with 78 in 3 boats.

In this way, 524 human beings stepped on safe land in February. Among them, 130 were women (25% of the total); 167 were minors (32% of the total) and 227 were men (43% of the total).

According to the latest UNHCR report: There are more than 40,700 people on the Aegean islands. The three major nationalities are Afghan, Syrian and Somali.
From them, at least 14% are unaccompanied minors.

During the month of February (last report of the 16th), 641 people had left the camps of the islands towards the mainland.

Despite these movements, overcrowding is terrible in the refugee camps. This makes the demand on the medical equipment in Vial enormous.

For this reason, we encourage you all to spread the word about what is happening on the islands and to participate as volunteers.

Según el último informe de Acnur: hay más de 40.700 personas en las islas del Egeo. Las tres nacionalidades mayoritarias son afgana, siria y somalí.

Entre estas personas hay, al menos, un 14% de menores no acompañados.

Durante el mes de febrero (último informe del 16), 641 personas habían salido de los campos de las islas rumbo al continente.

A pesar de estos movimientos, el hacinamiento es terrible en los centros de refugiados. Esto hace que la exigencia sobre el equipo médico en Vial sea enorme.

Por eso, os animamos a todos/as a difundir lo que está ocurriendo en las islas y a participar como voluntarios/as

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