SMH statement. The next mission of Aita Mari is postponed by COVID-19.

In our desire to keep you informed of what is happening around SMH, we communicate this difficult decision to you.

The Aita Mari crew has been working for the last few days to get everything ready for a new journey. Despite this, circumstances have forced us to make a difficult decision: we postponed the start until conditions are more favourable.

The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic in Italy and Spain causes us to be uncertain about the possible granting of the pertinent permission to set sail and where the Aita Mari would dock once we wanted to return to port. Similarly, this week a front enters the area with waves of up to 3 meters that would make navigation very difficult.
For all these reasons, we delayed the third 2020 mission of the Aita Mari. As we mentioned, it is a painful situation because, in recent days, we have been alerted to several shipwrecks and a hot return / push backs.

Thus, yesterday Alarm Phone (the network of volunteers that monitors the Mediterranean sea) reported that a boat with 49 people had been returned to Libya. On the same day, another boat that had been in the water for more than 48 hours with 110 people, was assisted by Malta.
On the other hand, SMH continues to work in Chios (Greece) at the disposal of the authorities in case they want to proceed with new protocols against the coronavirus epidemic among the migrant population.

On the island of Chios, a new boat has arrived today and has been attended by our volunteer team. From here, we want to thank to the medical team who is giving the best of themselves in Spain. And that, in addition, they continue to guarantee the relief of volunteers in Chios. Given the circumstances, it is good news to have the team covered until mid-April.

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