20 years old, Darfur, Sudan

He was a neighbor in Mogadishu of Ismail, and they met again in Libya. His father worked for the Government of Somalia and he was murdered by Al Shabab because he did not give in to extortion. That position was later taken by his older brother and, in just three months, he was also killed. The losses triggered mental illness in her mother and Yusuf had to take care of her and her younger brother. However, for fear of being next, he decided to leave Somalia.

He left his country in July 2017 and arrived in Libya in three months. In Kufra, a militia arrested him. They hit him: he shows wounds on his face and back. He paid $ 6,000 for his freedom and contacted the mafias to traffic him to Europe. The first time he tried unsuccessfully was December 2018. After being detained, he was taken to Tajura where he was registered with UNHCR.

When the bombs fell, he stayed around, where large humanitarian organizations were deployed.


Testimony collected and written by Marta Maroto (El País)