In Chios, the medical team is monitoring cases with symptoms similar to COVID-19.

For now, only one soldier’s positive has been confirmed on the island. Even so, the Government is not conducting a road test, so we suspect that the number could be higher.

After the events of early March, in which Turkey favored the crossing of migrants to Greece, the situation has calmed down. The team has been able to go up to Vial to continue with medical attention.

Even so, we have had to attend 10 landings with a total of 772 people. Among them, there were: 182 women, 223 minors and 310 men. Most came from Syria and Iraq, although the presence of Africans was also relevant: Somalis, Sudanese, Congolese, etc.

According to the latest data, 4,944 people reside in the Vial field. Up to 783 people live in other types of accommodation. This brings the total number of migrants in Chios to: 5,750.

In February (the last consolidated data) 312 people were transferred to the continent.

On the other hand, we want to share with all SMH the results of the campaign of funds and material for the fight of COVID-19 in Chios. In these weeks the following have been collected:

600 masks (400 of them donated by Hotz: eskerrik asko!) And material to make more in the camp.
10 SPP2 masks.
And also glycerin to make hydroalcohol.

In addition, 30,000 euros (the objective is 50,000 euros) have already been obtained to hire support health personnel and buy more material on the island.

Support to health personnel against COVID-19

These days of pandemic we have asked the SMH family for photos to cheer on the people of Chios. Many of you have sent us the image from your workplace: the health centers. This has put on the table the value of solidarity: an applause for you for your day to day and, another, for remembering those who suffer in worse circumstances.

Thank you, eskerrik asko, merci!