Despite the difficulties generated by covid19, efforts continue on the island to carry out decent medical treatment. This May it reached the symbolic figure of 100 volunteer teams that have passed through Chios.

Thanks to this effort, 50 to 70 people a day continue to be served on the ground. We are following the cases that due to the symptoms it is suspected that they may be infected with covid19. As of today, there are approximately 80 people in follow-up, although none is diagnosed because tests are not performed in the field. Even so, all of them have received the treatment following the published protocols.

Vial continues to be a facility with more inhabitants than it should accommodate. In the Aegean islands there are currently more than 37,500 people seeking refuge on European soil. 49% are of Afghan origin and 19% are Syrian.

Among them, 45% are men; 22% women; 19% boys and 14% girls.