AITA MARI-Maydayterraneo

After 49 days of blocking in Palermo, Aita Mari was finally able to release the moorings and return to Pasaia.

In this way, on July 9, it entered the mouth of the Gipuzkoan port.

This voyage does not mean that Italy has lifted the veto on navigation on the ship. The transalpine country has given us a pass-through (a safe conduct) to return to our base port and proceed to carry out the repairs and improvements that it requires from us in its technical inspection.

In this way, we find ourselves blocked again because we cannot meet their requirements: the Aita Mari is exempt, due to size and volume, from equipping what they ask of us.

For this reason, right now we are in a situation of legal uncertainty in which we will have to act with great caution. Unfortunately, the Alan Kurdi, the Ocean Viking and the Sea Watch also suffer from this blockade by the Italian side.

It is, curiously, the same strategy that Spain applied with us and the Open Arms to have us blocked for more than eight months.

While governments innovate in different ways to block the civilian fleet, thousands of people have jumped into the sea during the month of June:


02/06/2020 Autonomous Landing Lampedusa     1 75
03/06/2020 Autonomous Landing Lampedusa      1 14
09/06/2020 Patera sinking Tunisia      1 20
13/06/2020 Patera sinking Libia      1 ~12
17-18/06/2020 5 boats landing on Lampedusa      1 157
18/06/2020 Sea Watch 3      1 165
Sea Watch 3      1
19/06/2020 Sea Watch3      1 46
Mare Jonio      1 67
20/06/2020 Shipwreck Libia      1
24/06/2020 Autonomous Landing Lampedusa      1 46
Autonomous Landing Lampedusa      1 10
26/06/2020 Ocean Viking      1 51
Ocean Viking      1 67
29/06/2020 Mare Jonio      1 43
01/07/2020 Autonomous Landing Lampedusa      1 87
02/07/2020 Autonomous Landing Lampedusa       4 37
04/07/2020 Navy, merchant ship: Talia       1 52