In August we were unable to send you the newsletter so we apologize and update the information on what is happening in Chios (and in the Mediterranean).

During these last two months, the comrades in Chios have continued to give their best to bring dignified medical care to the refugee camp. Unfortunately, we continue to denounce that the vast majority of cases are caused by poor living conditions. Thus, we serve many people with gastroenteritis, scorpion stings or rat bites and, in addition, scabies and impetigo are still present among the population.

These conditions, more typical of the 19th century, are the day to day of the 3,496 people who reside in Vial according to data from the Hellenic Government as of September 10.

On the other hand, the covid19 virus is present in the field although the incidence is still low. In mid-August the first cases were detected. It should be noted that the SMH team works with EPI and is assisting people who are quarantined when they have symptoms related to the disease.

This new disease has created more tension in the countryside that has even led to clashes and protests, as happened on August 14.

In July and August, the fourth Oral Health campaign took place in the field. The volunteer staff, made up of Esther, Marco, Robert, Laura and Brais, all from Barcelona, ​​have carried out extractions, fillings and hygiene. In total, 1,000 treatments were performed on 850 patients during these two months.

We are very grateful for your delivery in difficult conditions for living with covid19. Eskerrik asko! Thank you! Merci!

On the other hand, in these months there have been no arrivals of boats (or we have not been aware of it). Of course, Human Right Watch denounces that the Greek coast guards are intercepting the boats on the high seas, transferring them to an inflatable rescue raft and leaving them waiting for the arrival of their Turkish counterparts.