Maydayterraneo Project

“Aita Mari Rescue Ship”

In 2017, given the tragic situation in the central Mediterranean, thanks to the institutions and many volunteers, we decided to launch the maritime rescue project, AITA MARI- Proyecto Maydayterraneo.

Because in the face of the humanitarian migratory crisis in the Mediterranean, we cannot let people drown in absolute abandonment.

1,852 meters, one nautical mile. The distance that can be the barrier between life and death.

We have calculated the cost of the Aita Mari on mission: € 34 each mile.

€ 34 that can bring salvation to those who desperately throw themselves into the sea or, hopelessly remove it from their hands.
We don’t want any boat to be lost because we lacked a mile to patrol.

That is why we ask you to push us on that mile, to allow us to navigate it to reach our goal: to be your hands in the sea.

Donate a mile, donate 10 or donate whatever you want. Thanks to you, the Aita Mari is closer to navigating that mile that will take them out of the sea.