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Aita Mari sets sail with your support

2021-02-14T00:21:51+01:0013 February, 2021|Actualidad_eng|

AITA MARI-Maydayterraneo We began the fifth mission of the project this voyage. We continue in the fight for the human rights of immigrant people with you. After a very rough year, setting sail with the Aita Mari again seemed crazy. In 2015 we started this project thinking that what was abnormal wer [...]

Aita Mari rescues 43 people adrift in the Central Mediterranean

2020-04-16T12:45:35+02:0014 April, 2020|Actualidad_eng|

The ship, which was sailing to return to Spain, had to change its route to find three boats in distress. 1 has been located but is still missing 2. Neither Malta nor Italy had mobilized their coastguards for it. The information published this morning continues: At around 10 th [...]


2020-04-16T12:46:03+02:0015 March, 2020|Actualidad_eng|

SMH statement. The next mission of Aita Mari is postponed by COVID-19. In our desire to keep you informed of what is happening around SMH, we communicate this difficult decision to you. The Aita Mari crew has been working for the last few days to get everything ready for a new journey. Despite this, [...]


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