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1904, 2020


19 April, 2020|

In Chios, the medical team is monitoring cases with symptoms similar to COVID-19. For now, only one soldier's positive has been confirmed on the island. Even so, the Government is not conducting a road test, so we suspect that the number could be higher. After the events of early March, in which Turkey favored the crossing of migrants to Greece, the situation has calmed down. The team has been able to go up to Vial to continue with medical attention. Even so, we have had to attend 10 landings wi [...]

1904, 2020

Aita Mari-April

19 April, 2020|

AITA MARI-Maydayterraneo On March 15 we were forced to postpone the third mission of the Aita Mari. The context in Italy due to the coronvirus was (and is) uncertain. Therefore, we were not certain that, in the event of a rescue, the transalpine country would allow a rescue. In addition, a storm was thrown over it that would have made the navigation very complicated. In this way, the ship remained in Syracuse (Sicily). After evaluating the development of the pandemic, we decided to transfer it t [...]

1404, 2020

Aita Mari rescues 43 people adrift in the Central Mediterranean

14 April, 2020|

The ship, which was sailing to return to Spain, had to change its route to find three boats in distress. 1 has been located but is still missing 2. Neither Malta nor Italy had mobilized their coastguards for it. The information published this morning continues: At around 10 this morning, the Aita Mari located a boat with 43 people on board 53 nautical miles from Malta (approx. 100km). At 5:30 p.m., Malta gave the instruction to board the shipwrecked in the Aita Mari becaus [...]

1503, 2020


15 March, 2020|

SMH statement. The next mission of Aita Mari is postponed by COVID-19. In our desire to keep you informed of what is happening around SMH, we communicate this difficult decision to you. The Aita Mari crew has been working for the last few days to get everything ready for a new journey. Despite this, circumstances have forced us to make a difficult decision: we postponed the start until conditions are more favourable. The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic in Italy and Spain causes [...]

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