Solidarity Will

We are an association of volunteers that ha been responding to the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean since 2015.

Sanitary project in Chios
“Archivald Dickson”

In 2015 we went as a rescue team to the Greek island of Chios, where we worked at first helping boats safely reach land and as an emergency team.

Afterwards, our work has evolved and now we are the medical team who assists the refugees on the landing, emergencies and daily healthcare in the Vial Refugee Camp.
We take care of their care, monitoring, supply of medicines and even training in hygiene and first aid areas. We also have an intermittent dental health plan.

Maydayterraneo project
“Aita Mari rescue ship”

In 2017, given the tragic situation in the central Mediterranean, we decided to launch the maritime rescue project, AITA MARI – Maydayterraneo Project.
The enormous work of the volunteers and associations, and the financing of institutions has allowed us to charter the rescue ship AITA MARI, ship with which we carry out rescue missions in the waters of the SAR zone of the central Mediterranean, in order to help precarious boats crowded with people who only find that way of trying to have a future, fleeing from war, hunger or oppression.

Our principles

Our philosophy is based in the following principles:

Humanitarian principles:

. . . . . .

  • Humanity
  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Transparency

Defence of the rights:

. . . . . .

  • Right of life
  • Right of receiving humanitarian assistance
  • Right of protection and security
  • Right of receiving international asylum

Conduct in operations:

. . . . . .

  • Humanity, impartiality, neutrality and transparency
  • Dignity to each person assisted
  • Respect to the international law

Lives rescued at the Central Mediterranean
People attended at Vial camp

1113 + 1500

Lives rescued at the Central Mediterranean
People attended at Vial camp

1113 + 1500


Our organization is based on the work and dedication of the volunteers who collaborate in the field and those who work in the management and daily work of the organization. This allows us to use the funds for field work. To invest it in the care of refugees in Chios or in the maintenance and operation of the Aita Mari. We optimize our resources to the maximum, seeking the collaboration of professionals in various areas who offer us their services altruistically or at special prices. In SMH we are clear that the available resources have a purpose: dignified solidarity with our brothers.

Board members


. . . . . .

  • President:
    Iñigo Mijangos
  • Vice president:
    Javier Querejeta
  • Secretary:
    Viki Clarademunt
  • Treasurer:
    Edurne Ollakindia

On board of AITA MARI


. . . . . .

  • 1 Captain
  • 2 Officials
  • 1 Engineer official
  • 1 Oiler
  • 2 Sailors



. . . . . .

  • 2 Field coordinators
  • 2 Cultural mediators

In the Basque Country


. . . . . .

  • Project coordinator