About us

We are a group of people linked to the emergencies, who is involved in tasks of sea-watch, rescue and health care. In response to the humanitarian crisis in the Aegean Sea (Greece) in November 2015, we created the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue Association (SMH in Spanish) to help and assist people who find no other way than risking their lives by crossing the sea.

Our aim is to preserve the lives of people under the principles of volunteerism, solidarity, humanity, universality, equality, impartiality and dignity.

Today, in addition to the ground actions and training of our volunteers, we do also carry out awareness campaigns on Human Rights.

In November 2016 the many organizations involved in the tasks of Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean agreed to set a document in order to establish a framework of good practices and basic principles that define our activity in regards rescue. As a result, a document has been drafted, and SMH subscribed to it. You can find it in thislink.

To sum up our commitment by subscribing to this document, it involves:

1. Guiding Humanitarian Principles

  • Humanity
  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Transparency

2. Defended rights

  • Right to life
  • Right to receive humanitarian assistance
  • Right to protection and security
  • Right to seek asylum or sanctuary

3. Operational Conduct

  • Humanidad Imparcialidad Neutralidad Independencia Transparencia
  • Pre-Planning and In-Mission actions
  • Reviews & after actions analysis